The Holiday Wonderland Mini Multi Colored Christmas Lights Review

Item: Holiday Wonderland Mini Multi Colored Christmas Lights

Personal Rating: 5.5/10

Size: 18” per wire

Price: $18.79

Guarantee: None

Place to Buy:

Mini Multi Colored Christmas Lights

The Holiday Wonderland Multi Colored Christmas Lights are fashioned to deliver a festive ambiance to every plain roof top and Christmas tree that is waiting a nice holiday grooming. The lights emanate a steady warm rainbow colored glow while affixed to a deep green cable that measures 18” in length. You may connect up to three cables in order to create an overall span of 39’. The holiday box set comes with two 150 light strands, three flash bulbs, two replacement bulbs and one spare fuse. Continue Reading

Extra Long White Starry String Lights Review

Item: Extra Long Warm White Starry String Lights

Personal Rating: 7.6/10

Size: 100 ft.

Price: $17.99

Guarantee: None

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The Starry String Lights Review

Are you tired of spending long hours vigorously weaving your Christmas lights in and out of your tree branches in order to create a pleasing form? If so, than you might want to read this article and all its plenitude, for the starry string lights were made with this very dilemma in mind. These Christmas lights were made with a slender copper wire that is highly flexible, and may be attuned to any shape in order to accent your tree (or any holiday project you may have) nicely. Warm white LED bulbs are individually affixed to the copper wires eliminating a soft glow that may be seen from every angle. Continue Reading

The Holiday Essence Clear White Christmas Lights Review

Item: Holiday Essence Clear White Christmas Lights w/Green Wire             

Personal Rating: 6.5/10

Size: 19 ft.

Regular Price: $29.95

Sale Price: $9.95

Guarantee: None

Place to Buy:

White Christmas Lights Review

The Holiday Essence clear white Christmas lights are fashioned to bring a warm steady glow to the interior and exterior of each and every home that is making ready for the holiday season. The magnitude of every string is 19 feet with a 2 inch distance between the individual bulbs. The lights have end to end connectors that will allow for a longer length if necessary and a replaceable safety fuse of 125 volts is also included with the holiday package. There are also 100 clear bulbs per string, offering a nice DIY alternative to decorating your home without having to spend extra money on installation fees. Continue Reading

National Tree Downswept Douglas Fir with Clear Christmas Lights; an Exclusive Review

Item: National Tree Downswept Douglas Fir with Clear Lights

Personal Rating: 10/10

Size: 7.5 ft.

Regular Price: $599.99

Summer Sale Price: $279.56

Guarantees: 5-Year Tree Warranty Plus a 2-year Light Warranty

Place to Buy:

The Douglas Fir Review

The National Tree Downswept Douglas fir featuring clear LED Christmas lights has made quite an impression on the World Wide Web, for not only does the tree resemble an authentic cedar, but it feels authentic as well! That’s right, thanks to the creation of ‘Feel-Real’ technology; artificial Christmas trees can now ‘feel’ as real as they appear, and ergo the synthetic branches are a combination of Polyethylene and PVC materials that have been molded from real tree arms giving your Christmas decoration an astonishing front of authenticity. This particular fir is also accommodated with 750 UL listed lights and 1867 crush resident tips for you to adorn. To this end, we are going to be examining the value, burdens and benefits that go with owning a feel-real Downswept fir tree. Let us start with the benefits shall we? Continue Reading

The Vickerman Flocked Christmas Tree Review

Item: Vickerman Flocked Alaskan White on Green Christmas tree

Personal Rating: 8.6/10

Size: 3 ft.

Price: $67.99

Guarantee: 1 Year Seasonal Warranty

Place to Buy:

The Flocked Christmas tree Review

For me, spotting a tree that has been coated with glistening snow is an exciting winter event. Why? Because it means that Christmas is right around the corner! As soon as I see a tall green spruce that has been flocked by snowfall my already Christmas consumed brain starts operating at full-power, and I begin pulling all the holiday decorations out of storage regardless if December has hit or not! So, as you can imagine I danced for joy when I discovered that flocked Christmas trees were an actual household decoration! That’s right. If you adore the look of a snow covered tree as much as I do, you can actually have one “planted” right in your home for the entire Holiday Season. The Vickerman Flocked Christmas tree has 127 white and green tips that you yourself can personalize and add to your winter themed interior.

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The Perfect Holiday 6 Foot White Christmas tree Review

Item: Perfect Holiday Crystal White PVC Christmas tree 

Personal Rating: 6.0/10

Size: 6 ft.

Price: $69.99

Guarantee: None

Place to Buy:

The White Christmas tree Review

White Christmas trees are absolutely captivating! Their dream-like quality combined with white lights and red trim are always a real head turner. No one truly expects to see a pure white tree during Christmas time despite the one in question being around for many years. Crystal white trees are usually something you dream about in fairy tales and therefore are a huge crowd pleaser during the Christmas holiday. Speaking of white trees, the 6 foot White Christmas tree by the Perfect Holiday Company has 817 PVC crystal white tips for you to decorate and comes with a white heavy duty metal stand for support. The tree was modeled after an ordinary spruce tree to give it a full healthy tree appearance.

Let’s find out more shall we?

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Best Choice 7ft Artificial Pencil Christmas tree Review

Item: Best Choice Products 7.5 FT Premium Hinged Fir Pencil Christmas tree

Personal Rating: 9.4/10

Size: 7.5’

Price: $169.99

Guarantee: None

Place to Buy:

The Pencil Christmas tree Review

When I was growing up in my family home, it was tradition to display a large 6ft pine tree in our living area. We ceremoniously constructed the same artificial tree every year from the time I was four years old until I moved out at age twenty one; as you can well imagine this tradition ceased after I packed my bags. I am the youngest child in my family and was usually in charge of gathering everyone together to construct the tree. And seeing as the shrub was so large in height and quite ancient, my parents did not have the energy or patience to put up the Pine by themselves once I left home. So they decided to take a new approach by purchasing a modest artificial pencil Christmas tree to display in the basement. My Mum decorated the tree beautifully with white lights, ribbons, and a few glass ornaments, and occasionally set up a little light-up village to go underneath it. Thus, this became my family’s new tradition. Hence, why I am anxious to share this review of the 7ft Pencil tree by the Best Choice Company! Continue Reading

4ft Eco-Friendly Christmas Pine Tree Review

Item: 4ft Eco-Friendly Oncor Christmas Pine Tree

Personal Rating: 9.6/10

Size: 4’

Price: $32.99

Price: $19.99 (Limited Time Summer Sale)

Guarantee: None

Place to Buy:

The Oncor Eco-Friendly Christmas Pine Tree Review

As a Canadian Citizen I have always had a place in my heart for the pine tree. I grew up surrounded by these full hearty trees, and as a result, could never bring myself to cut one down. So by nature, I am captivated by the idea of bringing an artificial Christmas pine tree into my home; and this one especially caught my eye. The 4ft Eco-Friendly Pine Tree by the Oncor Company, is made from recyclable none-lethal, flame retardant PVC plastic, and has 200 ends for you to decorate! Continue Reading

Lightshare LED Birch Tree Review

Item: Lightshare LED Birch Tree

Personal Rating: 6.6/10

Sizes: 8’, 6’, and 4’

Price: $159.99 each (8’)

Price: $96.99 each (6’)

Price: $79.99 each (4’)

Guarantee: None

Place to Buy:

The Lightshare LED Birch Tree Review

The Lightshare LED Birch Tree was specifically designed to bring the essence of the woodland into your home, auditorium, or courtyard, while providing you with warm energy saving light. Each and every one of the trees branches holds a white 132 Series LED light that has a life expectancy of 30000 hours. The branches are also pliable, so you may easily create your own dream forest! Continue Reading

Brylane Home 4′ Rose Gold Christmas Tree Decoration (Review)

Item: Brylane Home 4′ Rose Gold Christmas tree

Personal Rating: 7.6/10

Price: $99.99 each

Size: 34″Diam. x 48″H

Guarantee: 90 Days

Place to Buy:

The Rose Gold Christmas Tree Review

Rose Gold is a favored color that is being used to accent many great creations such as, cell phones, jewelry, sunglasses and even running shoes. And now, thanks to the Brylane Home Company, this unique tint has been given the opportunity to accent your home as well, with this 4’ Rose Gold Christmas tree decoration. The branches on this holiday tree are made of Polyethylene (PE) plastic which has been molded from existing pine stems to give it a true to life appearance. There are 680 flexible synthetic stubs, for you to decorate with your cherished Christmas Day keepsakes!

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